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    Oct 19, 2009
    We've got a Black Star (~9 months old, laying for ~2 months) who is lethargic, not eating, and not drinking much. We noticed this behavior 4 days ago and encouraged her to eat and the next day she was fine (running around, inquisitive, etc.). Yesterday and today she's back to moving very little and not eating.

    We brought her inside to watch her this morning. Her poop, what little there has been, is thin, yellowish, and mucousy. She's eaten a little bit of the scrambled eggs and grit we gave her but has yet to drink. I felt around for an egg (egg bound?) but didn't feel anything (caveat; this is our first flock and I'm still quite green). Her crop is large and squooshy like it's filled with air. We had her sit in a tub of warm water for a bit. Right now she's resting on a heating pad.

    What else can we do? The other chickens seem fine.
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    Is her crop still large in the morning after a full night of no food? If it is, then you have a crop problem. Try searching 'sour crop' and 'impacted crop,' though if it's squishy, i think it might be sour.

    I hope you're able to find out what it is asap.
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    what ALL do you feed?
    how old is the hen?
    when did she last lay an egg?
    have they been wormed?
    how man chickens do you have? what ages?
    what bedding are you using?

    she might have an soft shelled egg that broke..or has a bacteria infection such as E-coli for example...
    you might try getting some sulfamethoxidine for bacterial infection..but might need Penicillin if broken egg..
    a fecal test will tell for certain...

    or try this site for med info and use:


    click antibiotics in the sideboard.

    what color was the yellow? pale or mustard?

    ics of droppings..


    check crop in the morning before she eats..it should be empty.
    feel for any lumps, dough mass or grain feeling..or sour odor.

    crop problems info:



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