Lethargic Guinea fowl keet. HELP!!!

Pastel the Rooster

Free Ranging
Apr 22, 2022
Southern Georgia
So I hatched out a single keet and it's not eaten since absorbing the yolk ( sorry if things are misspelled I am rushing so it doesn't die on me here) I have added warm water to its crumbles food so it can eat the mash. It can barely walk and its dragging its tiny wings. Well kinda just not holding them on it's back. It's somewhat alert and is peeping. It's been drinking water with electorates, probiotics, and vitamins in it. Please help! I'm worried its going to die!
I'm syringe feeding it. Its laying down under the heat bar, I do not think it's going to make it. I wanted to get some keets or pullets to teach it how to eat, but my family refused to let me, but now a friend is picking some up, but it's too late so now I'm furious.

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