Lethargic hen, egg bound??

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    Apr 10, 2019
    I have a hen thats about 7 months old. Yesterday she laid an egg without a shell. So I added calcium to her food. This morning I noticed she was lethargic. She just stood around in the coop all day. I brought her inside and bathed her in warm water thinking she could be egg bound. I felt around her abdomen, it didnt feel like there was an egg there. Could she still be egg bound or could it be something else? She looks kind of pale.
    I'm really lost at what to do. :confused::hit
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    I'm not really an expert by any means, but I might be the only person awake at this point, lol.

    If she is egg bound, I think you are supposed to break a Tums tablet into like 6 pieces and put them into her mouth one by one. Once she has swallowed them all you do an epsom salt soak. If there is an egg she should pass it within 1 hour.
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