lethargic hen, not egg bound

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    Oct 11, 2015
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    Hi everyone. Another lethargic hen post. I did read through some previous threads dealing with the same subject matter, though I'm still unsure what to do.

    My year old Rhode Island Red, Lucy, has been fairly lethargic since Saturday morning. She came out of the coop and was active as usual, then about 2 hours later I noticed she looked as though she was falling asleep on her feet and moving fairly slowly, though she is still able to jump up on objects (she just nods off once she's there). It's also not easy to rouse her.

    She is drinking normally, grazing a little, and has eaten mealworms when offered. She laid her egg yesterday. All of the birds have slowed down egg production with the heat, so I am not expecting another one today. When she poops it's been water with a small clump of formed feces, I think because she has not eaten much. She is not overheated (we're in Houston, TX), her eyes are clear, and she does not have any respiratory symptoms. The other four birds are completely normal.

    Any advice would be welcome. This is my first go with chickens and my roommate, who is out of town, is the lifelong farmer.

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