lethargic hen, please help!


Mar 25, 2018
hey everyone, i'm new here.
I have 6 hens among other pets and i love them to pieces! i know how to recognise a lot of diseases and have had experience with, egg bound, microplasma, impacted crop ect.
But a few days ago my hen beetroot became kinda strange and standing in the corner of the large run with her tail and head down and comb floppy. I went over and she walked away okay to my surprise.. Then i went to pick her up to check her over but she was really lethargic and just let me grab her? (they are usually quite flighty) . Nothing seemed to be wrong so i let another day go.
Today i went out and she was just lying there in the scratching box limply. that's the point i'm at right now! shes laying eggs reguarly also which is strange..

ANY help appreciated:hmm
Hi! :frow It is sad to hear you have a serious problem before you've made an introduce yourself post, but anyway WELCOME!
Is it possible she's broody? Is she laying around where she's been putting her eggs?
More info about your flock and her will help us sort it out. :)

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