Lethargic Hen with No Obvious Problem


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May 23, 2013
Vacation Land; Maine
My hen is acting very lethargic. She went out to free range, but she was sleeping in the veggie garden. I brought out some FF which is a huge treat to the girls. She didn't eat any, even when I scooped some out and laid it at her feet. She's super puffed out and barely made an attempt to get away when I reached to check her out. She laid a perfect egg just a few hours before I noticed the problem. Her eyes, ears and nose look fine. Legs, feet and feathers are clean and injury/parasite free. I haven't noticed any worms in anyone's stool. Her crop doesn't feel empty, but not full either. Is there anything else I should be looking for? She's mid a light molt. Would this cause lethargy?
Miraculous recovery??? Her comb is getting darker again and she's more active and eating. Should I write it off as a fluke and just keep an eye on her? Has anyone else had this happen?
She could have got scared and was in shock by something. Or she could have had a small stomach ache from something she ate.

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She's back to being lethargic and pale. She stayed out when everyone went in the coop tonight. I put her in the coop and put the light on so she could see to get on a roost. She chose to stay on the floor.
I didn't see any lice or mites. She seemed fine up until today. And now she seems like she's recovering. Very odd...

Often they will show improvement right before they die. I really hope that's not the case, just thought you should know. Do a search on "the throes of death", i think you'll find it mentioned there.


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