Lethargic hens

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  1. eleanor

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    Jun 26, 2007
    I have two hens that were good layers until I went out of town for three weeks. They were normally allowed to free range in my large back yard but I built them quite a large pen--10 yards by 10 yards--and kept them in there during the vacation because I didn't want them to tear up my flower and vegetable beds while I was gone. They were well fed--Purina Layena and scratch grains--and watered all during my absence. One of them became broody and sat on the nest of eggs. The eggs were removed but she still sits in the corner of the chicken coop all day unless I throw her out but then she goes back in. I have now let them back out in my yard but they aren't very interested in going out of the pen any more. Neither hen is laying and they sleep on the floor of the coop now rather than getting up on the roost. They used to be very anxious to get out in the morning but now they don't come out of the chicken house for some time after I open the door. Their combs are still red but they just aren't acting normalllyl. Any ideas? I fed them brown rice and fresh spinach today thinking they might be missing some nutrient but they didn't eat the rice. I am afraid there is something wrong but I just can't figure out what.
  2. DementedHam

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    give them eggs, they must be aching to nest. they are just broody in my opinion and really want to sit
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    Jan 15, 2007
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    If you have a roo, let the sit on the eggs, they are just broody. If you don;t have a roo, trick them with plastic eggs or golf balls, let them sit until they get tried of it. They will come around.

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