Lethargic Polish Hen


8 Years
Apr 8, 2015
She's about nine months old and has been lethargic for about two days now. Normally she will not let me pick her up but she's been walking up to me and trying to follow me out the gate. I'm also able to pick her up easily. She seems to be dripping her wings a bit and not holding them up like she normally does. I saw her eat some yesterday but she seems to be eating and drinking slowly. We got a big snowfall last night and she seems to be standing outside in the snow not doing much. There are no other symptoms that I can tell. None of my other birds seem sick. I did have coccidiosis run through my coop this past fall. I traded it in all seemed well. But I got her after the illness was over. She was never treated for it. Should I treat for it again even though there's no other symptoms? Don't know what else to do.
I would consider treating her with Corid for coccidiosis, but I would also bring her inside for a few days to make sure that she is eating a drinking well. The cold weather can really affect an already sick chicken. A spare bathtub, laundry basket, or a dog crate would be good. Try feeding her some chopped egg, tuna, or liver along with her usual feed.

Does this look like bumble foot? This is my Polish that has been acting lethargic. I've been treating for coccidiosis since I did not know why she was acting that way. This is only on one foot. Brought her inside this morn and found this just now. If it is Bumblefoot what do I do?

Don't see any injury or sore. She's not favoring but still lethargic. Not as bad as yesterday but not herself.
The top of the foot between the toes look like bumblefoot, but I don't see the usual scab or dark spot on the bottom of the foot pad. Is the footpad more swollen than the other one? I would probably continue to watch her. You can soak the foot in warm epsom salts daily, but only if she is kept warm inside the house. Bumblefoot like that shouldn't be making her lethargic, unless there is something else going on. Do you see any swelling in her leg joints?
No nothing. The bottom of the foot is more swollen than the other.

I am leaning towards Bumblefoot also based on what I've read. I think possibly the cold was hitting her too. But the lethargy...I'm stumped. Continuing to treat for coccidiosis too because my polish that died in the fall of coccidiosis had no symptoms other than lethargy. I only determined coccidiosis because the other birds that did survive had more obvious symptoms.

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