Lethargic sick quail hen

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    Sep 21, 2016
    This morning I noticed one of my hens wings were droopy. I picked her up and began looking her over. Her keel is way more prominent than it should be, she's skinny. When I flipped her on her back she just poured out vomit like a kettle.

    Quickly I righted her, but she had vomited clear liquid and feed on the floor.
    I felt her to feel her crop, it was very squishy like a water balloon. So, I tipped her upside down over the sink to empty her out. I made sure she didn't aspirate any.

    She's in a cage in the house now. Very lethargic and sleepy looking. Puffed up, not moving unless I try to grab her. Sometimes her head droops.

    She won't eat or drink on her own. But I have dipped her beak in water and she'll take that. Also I have tried to put waterlogged food in her beak but she won't eat it.

    Her poop is white with some yellow and very watery.

    What's wrong with her? What can I do? I can't take her to a vet. Any help is appreciated.
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