Let's do the Math - 12 Hens... 15 eggs in a 14 hour period.

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    Ok, so we check the nesting boxes several times throughout the day. This morning at 5 am there were none, then at 9 am there were 3.. normal. By noon we had a total of 10.... We double check each night at 11 just in case there are extras. Well, at 11 pm tonight... 5 more!!!!!! So.. how can that be? Are they just that darn good? I didn't think it possible!! Is that unhealthy for them?? On top of that, one lays double yolkers daily!!! How are we getting more eggs than hens? I'm pretty sure the Rooster isn't laying! LOL! I am wondering if all my coddling of them is making them uber-producers! If so... I can do an "in your face" to my family that laughs at me for my chicken-love.

    So, just for background sake: They have been inspected by our local Dept of Agricultre.. (for farmers market reasons) and they did comment how beautiful and well fed they are. The 2 Ag. Agents said they were the best kept and healthiest birds they had seen in this area.

    I must admit, the meals they eat and well planned and thought out. Special treats of whole grain oats on Sundays, Cottage cheese or Yogurt on Mondays... silly things like that. Of course the chicken feed too and some oyster shell. We even have ground venison for some protien that they have 2 times per month. This month they have shared a fresh pomegranite daily. (my son thinks that cool... lots of antioxidants! LOL!!) We grew pumpkins just for them and cooked them down and froze to have pumpkin through the winter, same with apples. Fresh fruit is on the menu daily (we get it free from the local middle school cafeteria at the end of the day)

    They live in a virtual chicken palace.. and have fresh straw every week inside it. They are spoiled beyond spoiled.. loved and cuddled. The neighbors even all spoil them with fresh fruits and veggies. (seriously.. they eat better than most humans!) They graze on not only our 3 acres.. but another 6 acres of the neighboring property. When asked if the chickens bother them, my neighbors say "Heavens no! We love them!!!" We often find our babies grazing up to 5 houses away... with happy neighbors (who have fresh eggs in thier fridges for the kindness and grazing rights LOL)

    So.. can it be all that good living? I'm sure if I hadn't a care in the world.. I may spit eggs out all day too! hehe!

    Oh - and.. there are no other chickens for 3 miles here, so I don't think we have any volunteers..
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    If I die I want my chickens sent to you! [​IMG]

    What breed are they? Some of the production breeds are capable of 2 eggs/day...especially if they are happy. And I'm thinking yours qualify! [​IMG]

    OK...I just saw your signature section...I'm a little slow [​IMG] You have really good laying breeds. That, and the great care, will keep you from ever buying eggs again!
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    Wow, you're like Uber Chicken Mom!

    Please do post the breed/s though...
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    Yes...we want to know what breed.
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    Snowflake & Creampuff, (Red Sexllink RoO's & accidents!)
    Thelma & Louise (Production. Reds)
    Turkey Lurkey & The Colonal (Black Sexlinks)
    Hopper & Popper (Red Sexlinks)
    and 6 Silver Laced Wyandottes - all named SPAZZ-DOT!





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    Do you know who is giving you that HUGE egg?

    My black sex links have been egg laying machines... looks like your SLW are too!

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    We haven't figured it out yet.. especially since they will double up and lay on top of each other. They are perfectly comfortable laying eggs side by side in the nesting boxes. I think they like the company or something! LOL! Every now and then we'll have a hen lay an egg on anothers back! There are plenty of nests, but they like only 3 of them.. I guess if they don't mind. They just sit there, lay the eggs and sing together when they're done! it's awesome! Like Christmas everyday here!!!
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    Most likely someone just laid a little early and you probably won't get an egg from them tomorrow. It takes about 24hours to form an egg. No breed is capable of consistently laying 2 eggs a day. Every now and then you get a fluke but usually you then don't get an egg until at least 24hours from when they laid the last one. Often when they do lay 2 eggs in less than 24hours one comes out odd such as missing some shell or without a yolk. Sometimes an egg can get pushed back up and recoated with more shell or even an egg complete with yolk over an egg and then they come back out. Weird stuff can happen and usually has happened when chickens lay eggs too close together. If it happens once it's no reason to worry but if it happens repeatedly I doubt the hen has a long lifespan.

    I had an EE pullet that laid double yolkers nearly daily for several months. Now she lays all normal sized eggs.
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    Thanks for the info!! Today we had a normal 12, not too bad. Each one laid one today. Yesterday was just crazy.. considering we had one from each the day before! Maybe they just felt like giving me a show! :eek:)
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    Rock on! Whatever you are doing, you are beating the curve....good feed and care and breeds that lay, with treats....sounds like it is working!

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