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Due to some unfortunate events with predators we are chickenless (well almost we had a random chicken get dumped recently so we do have her) and we are revamping our entire chicken set up. We are planning to have egg layers, still debating on how many, in our main coop with run. Building new chicken tractors for some meat chickens. Then we have a couple areas we are debating turning into another small coop area for rare breeds.

So I want to know about you guys! Do you guys have a flock of all one type or mixed?
I have a flock with some ISA brows, and red sussex crosses. That's it right now, but I'm hoping to get some Ameraucanas, cuckoo Marans and speckled Sussex in the spring :)
I have a mixed flock. I have some laying chickens, (RIRs, leghorns, barred rocks, and buff orpingtons.) Then I have some bantams and easter eggers.
I have a flock of three Black Australorp pullets and one Buff Orpington cockerel. So far, I really like the two breeds. The BO was one of three straight run, but they all ended up being cockerels and two had to go. If one of my girls goes broody next spring, I may hatch out some crosses and/or sneak a BO pullet chick or two under her.

The BAs are very quiet. The BO crows a bit, but not too much, IMHO. The girls are on hiatus, going through a partial molt (at 9 months!) and I'm not putting light in the coop. Sure do miss the eggs. Maybe by my birthday in February...
I enjoy my New Hampshire bantams.
Most people don’t think of bantams for meat or eggs but a well bred dual purpose breed will surprise you.
With weight for Cock 34 Hen 30 Cockerel 30 and Pullet 26 ounces one ends with a smaller amount of meat but enough to warrant butchering excess.
Not sure exactly how many eggs annually they lay but usually 3 or 4 eggs per week.
They lay all year long with lights taking time out for annual molt.
Pretty well bred the broody instinct out of mine.
Use an incubator to hatch.
Included a couple pictures of breeders and their offspring.


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I wanted to start with a friendly breed for kids. So I started with Silkies and Satins(Silkie mixes). When I wanted to add I researched and it seemed other heavily created breeds went well with Silkies so then I added Polish, Houdans and Sultans. I just purchased Cochins to add and then a bunch of bieds To lay rain down eggs but they’ll be in a different coop and run. Olive eggers, cream Legbar, Black copper marans Welsummers And a “super blue egg layer”.
well see how they do!

I am into photography and take lots of pics (and it’s my phone) and post them on IG and Fab under Southport Farms or Long Island Silkies and Polish.
i have a mixed flock of bantams: Brahmas, cochins, an oegb, and some baby brahmas. i plan on getting some leghorns in the spring
I bought 2-3 of each breed chick, planning to end up with a varied flock of six, but all survived and thrived! I made this silly chart with their names and the ages they should start laying, how many yearly to expect, and egg color. The pictures are just from online, except for the Bielefelders and Easter Egger. The only one who has laid is the Easter Egger, and it's been five days now with no encore. Five are 20 weeks old and 8 are 16 weeks old. Any day now, I expect an egg explosion!
The chart posted in my chicken house is so if my husband or someone had to lock them in at night, they could do a proper head count! That's also why I labled them by color, since he wouldn't know the breeds. But they are Leghorn, Easter Egger, Sapphire Gems, Barred Rock, RIR, Bielefelder, Blue-Laced Red Wyandottes.
My rooster is fantastic, but my 16 week old Barred Rock cockerel is a beautiful sweetie, too. Don't know how this will work out, but I'll probably have to let him go. Right now Big Bill Fuller (many chickens named after great-grandparents!) tolerates him so long as he shuts up his crowing when told. But he'll need his own girls someday...
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