Let's See Your Chicken Coop Heaters!

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    Mar 1, 2011
    Ok so I've seen a lot of threads started in regards to whether or not you should heat your coop, what with the upcoming winter. Since I raise Seramas, who act like they're freezing to death even when temps dip to 50, I've always heated my coop with a heat lamp because when my hens are happy, I'm a happy hen ;) I'm looking for ideas. I live in Ohio where the winters are rough and cold. I'm curious to see how you other chicken keepers that heat your coops set them up for winter. How do you keep the chickens from roosting on them? How do you design it so it poses less of a fire hazard? I bet there's some creative BYC members out there! Let's see your coops!
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    Mar 8, 2012
    I have Seramas, too! I live in south Texas so I don't have the low temps that you do, but I do have the shivering chickens at 60 degrees! I put a link to the video we took of our tractor My husband wired the coop so that the chickens have two outlets for heat lamps and the turkeys have their two as well. Each lamp is on a different switch so I can use one light on milder nights and two on colder ones.
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    If the chickens are out of the draft, there should be no need for supplemental heat. Animals adapt to the change of seasons, and chickens have there own down comforters to keep them warm.

    If you put a heat lamp in there, won't that mess up their day-night cycle? It would be light all the time for them. Would they be able to sleep?

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    I have used the milk house heaters and hang them up on wall angled downward.

    I also have used the oil filled radiator heaters. They work the best for me and are safer than a heat lamp. I place the radiator on a platform so no bedding gets on it. Since it radiates heat but doesn't get too hot to touch I have found occasional chicken roosting on it!

    I raise serama and find that they aren't as hardy to the cold as some other breeds. If you do use heat lamps the red bulbs work well for night time as it doesn't glare and allows the chickens to sleep. I only use red in my chick brooders also. Keeps them calmer...
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    [​IMG] Finally, a "fix" that doesn't require any skills! [​IMG]
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    Aug 18, 2011
    my coop heaters - [​IMG] Luckily in southern VA we don't get a TON of freezing weather (usually....)

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