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Hello BYC!
Like many, my family and I have begun to raise a small flock of chickens in our backyard. My name is David, I'm the real EGG LOVER in the family, especially the farm fresh eggs that are available around town. We live in a fairly rural part of SW lower Michigan, lot's of family farms with flocks of egg layers. So about a year ago we started to entertain the idea of having a few birds of our own. Our story really begins last Fall when my parents asked to have an old wooden structure taken down on their farm, and suddenly I had a source of lumber and such to build a coop in the backyard.
I regret that we did not get photos of the destruction of that old building because it was quit a job, and definitely a large part of the story. The best part being the weekend we took down the wall panels and discovered that about 30 small snakes had taken up residence in the insulation of the walls.
We are now nearly finished with the construction of the new chicken palace. I will post the photos and story of our feathered family in the coop section where it belongs. I will post for you all in this section the pictures of the girls when we brought them home. We initially bought 3 ISA Reds because that was all that was available the day we went. So we figured if we were able to get nothing else we had these three. The following week we were surprised to see a decent variety of chicks for sale so we bought 8 more. Two Araucana, two Black Jersey Giants, two Silver Lace Wyandotte, and two Leghorns.
Nearly everything we have learned thus far about raising our new family has come from BYC. Thank You all, and it has been a pleasure reading through the pages here so far.
Glad you joined us. Thanks for sharing your chick pics!
Hello and :welcome

Your chicks are awesome, I'm sure they'll look great when they're older too!
Funny story about the snakes. :lol:

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D
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