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    Mar 12, 2009
    Does anyone know of a good place to get Norfolk Black Turkeys? From most pics I see of the spanish they have some white on the edges of some of the smaller feathers on thier back near the tail and I am wanting a solid black turkey.

    According to this the Norfolk and the Spanish are different.

    >>>The Norfolk Black Turkey has matt black feathers without other markings. Sometimes a small amount of bronze can appear in the feathers but this is a fault and efforts should be made to breed this out. The beak and feet are black. The feet can turn pink with age.

    Other varieties of Black Turkey include the Spanish Black and American Black. These differ slightly from the Norfolk Black. The Spanish Black some will argue are much the same as the Norfolk Black, however there are differences in shape and feathering. The Spanish Black’s feathering has more of a shine to it than the Norfolk Black and it is more upright. The American Black Turkey was believed to have been created from the Norfolk Black. It has a shine to its feathers with a green sheen.>>>>

    Question for the genetics experts? How do the Norfork/Spanish blacks differ from a Black Slate?

    Oh, I did see some Norfolk Blacks on ebay but since they seem to be using a "borrowed" image I don't think I want to risk dealing with them.

    If anyone has some blacks I'd to see pics of them. Spanish, Norfolk, Black Slate, whatever kind you have.

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