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Dec 19, 2009
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I have a job interview tomorrow! Please pray that THIS is the one that is going to be THE JOB for me...and that I get it! It's factory work, but guess what? I don't CARE!!! A job sounds SOOOOOO good after being a homemaker for 6 years! AND I will still be able to homeschool the last little twerp...because it is for second shift
PRAYERS PLEASE!!!! Thanks in advance BYC, for all the buddies I know will pray for me!

Ummm...I think I may need to rephrase this a bit, in my excitement about getting a callback, I have neglected ONE VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL! For those who are praying...please DO NOT pray that I get the job, but rather that GOD'S WILL BE DONE! I have been there and done that, and the jobs that I simply prayed to get....landed me back flat on my face(look at past posts), and I SOOOOOO do not want that again...I'd rather be broke and in a box on the street it's just too emotionally draining!! Christians will understand EXACTLY what I mean! I do not just want any old job that pops up, I want the job GOD wants me to have!!!! PLEASE, adjust prayers accordingly
and THANK YOU!!!
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