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Sorry I'm new at this and I think I posted the same question twice and don't know how to delete it. Here are the rest of my questions. I really appreciate any help you can give me. I'm familiar with a lot of breeds but some of these may be d'Uccles or Dutch and I'm not familiar with those breeds.

These are tiny, tiny chicks: less than a week old, but they hold their own! The yellow one is feather legged and the chipmunk one is not (maybe OEG or Japanese?).



Okay last question (thanks for anyone that's helping me. Its been a while). These last 2 are Cochins and I'm hoping they're pullets. They're 6 wks old, their combs aren't bright red and they're not bumping chests or being aggressive (but they're Cochins...laid back...). Do you think they're pullets or roos?



The lady at the store said all she knew was that all bantams have feathers on their legs and feet and all standards do not. Think she should pick up one of those mags around the store and look.

I also pointed out that several chicks had pasted vent. She said they'd lost a few but that was normal and she didn't know what pasted vent was and couldn't do anything about except leave a note for the mgr when he came in tomorrow afternoon. I ended up with a bucket of water and some towels...she was hard to convince until I mentioned animal control. I didn't mind and I know I'm not an employee, but I wasn't leaving until one of us was washing butts!

Thanks for all your help!

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