letting broody set!

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    Jun 6, 2010
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    We were thinking about letting 1 of our Australorps set on some eggs just to see if we can get some chicks. Are we supposed to keep her seperated from'the others? What would happed if we just left her be and didn't check under her until 3 weeks later?
  2. NovaAman

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    Seperate her, put food and water near her...
    If you don't the other hens will bug her, lay eggs in there with her, possibly chase her out...
    I just had a silkie go broody. She was sitting in an empty nest box, ticking off the other girls. SO, she is in the "Broody Cabin" sitting on all the eggs from one day. I do have to take her out of the nest box and set her next to the food and water once a day, then she will go back to nest when she is done.
    Don't mess with the eggs till day 8, candle, check for delopement and return them to her. Do that while she is off the nest eating and drinking.
    [​IMG]Here is my "Broody Cabin"
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    Some folks do some don't I plan on doing this when my girl goes broody again as our coop is to small for her and chicks with the other girls so im having a small coop built just for her and her babies. Plan on putting her and another girl in the coop, who ever goes broody will have the coop with the eggs lol.
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    I would separate her, when my hen went broody we didn't separate her and another hen laid eggs in there with her. So we separated her because we noticed that she started getting a lot of eggs under her. Then chicks started hatching at different times and we had to take the chicks that hatched from her until the last one hatched out for her to take care of.

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