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Mar 18, 2012
I have three dogs and they have an underground fencing system so they can only go so far. My neighbour also has a dog with the same system would it be ok to let my chickens out of there run? Would they be safe? My dogs don't spend all day outside so I don't think they would be the problem but there is no fence between my neighbours yard and our yard would they go over there? Their dog is a German Shepard guard dog I'm afraid he would eat them if they were dumb enough to go over there? The grass in there run is starting to die and turn to dirt so I want to do something. Have any ideas on what to do?
The only problems i see are chickens can't see an underground fence. While they do work if the dogs want something bad enough it won't necessarily stop them.
I would not risk it. Dogs LOVE TO CHASE, KILL AND EAT CHICKENS!!!

My large dogs always accompany me to our current chicken house which is
across the street from our home at my mother in law's house. They are
'trained' not to try to get at or bother the chickens over there and I had hoped
that would 'generalize' to our property where DH is constructing me the 'chicken house, breeding pens and covered run of my dreams'.

It's not quite ready yet so we've been keeping 15 young BR roos that we hatched out several months ago ( planned to eat them but DH and I don't have the heart to so DH said the other day, " let's see a roo needs at least 10 pullets each so I guess we'll just have to hatch them out another 150 or so females".

Anyway - a few weeks ago during watering/feeding time in their temp pen
one of the Roos escaped and started crusing around the property. I've
always had a 'fantasy' that we could someday free range - at least part of
the time with supervision - some of our flock.

The young Roo was so cute strutting his stuff around the place for the first
few days then he 'disappeared'. The next morning DH came in from tending the other chicken pen and said, 'so much for your free ranging fantasy'.
and I said, 'oh, did you find the Roo?' and he replied, 'sort of, I found his
head in Oreo's ( one of our large young rescue dogs ) house!"

Oreo is the one of my dogs who 'always' goes with me to tend the chicken
house across the street and she ( after training to do so ) always calmly sits
on the small hill close to the chicken house and watches me tend to them then goes with me back to our house with the 'eggs for the day'.

alright thanks I guess I wont do it then cause I only have four chickens and i dont want to risk losing any of them! Thanks i think I'll set up a pen in the back feild to keep them safe if I need to take them out of the run.

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