Letting Nature Take It's Course...?

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Apr 21, 2014
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So, While I Was Away (a lady watched my flock of pekin bantams for a few days) i got a phone call saying we had chicks.. since getting back they're now ranging from 2-6 days old. They're adorable and happy, all waddling around, eating mash and drinking water from a low bowl so they can't drown.. They're rarely under their mothers now and have bounds of energy... Yet.. i do have a little man named Casper- their father and he's so friendly and protective and hasn't even attempted to touch any of the babies yet. There's lots of room in the coop so i was just wondering if it would be ok to just leave them. I've heard you're supposed to move the rooster but he seems fine??? Any opinions??

My Brother and a chick :)
Thanks Rebecca xox
I don't understand why people hate roosters so. A good rooster takes good care of his flock, all members of his flock. I've never had a dominant rooster harm a chick. I have had dominant roosters help a broody take care of her chicks. Not all roosters help the broodies, but many do.

I understand that you are dealing with living animals and they don't come with guarantees, but I'd much rather trust a dominant rooster than another hen or non-dominant rooster in the flock.

I raise mine the way chickens have been raised on small farms for thousands of years. The hen hatches with the flock and raises them with the flock. I've never lost a chick to another adult member of the flock. I did lose one once when a two week old chick killed his hatchmate while the broody hen watched, but that had nothing to do with the other adult flock members.

Edited to add: I did not mean to imply that you personally hated roosters. I'm sure you read that about roosters on this forum. You have ot be careful., You get a lot of misinformation on here.
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