LF and Bantam Orpington Flock Reduction


9 Years
May 10, 2010
Due to health issues, we are in a position that we must reduce our flock to keep it manageable.

- Bantams available in Black, Blue, Buff, and White, adults (2 yrs old or younger) and chicks, pairs, trios, or the whole flock. Breeder/Exhibition stock.

- Large fowl Buff Orpingtons - 2 males, 4 laying pullets, 50+ chicks. Great breeder/exhibition starter flock.

- Bantam coops, total of 8, stackable, well constructed, plastic coated wire mesh bottoms with access to clean them out. Not available until bantams have been sold.

Everything is priced to sell, prefer not to ship, but will for the right situation
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I might be interested in the large buff orps hens where are you at in pa
I am very interested in your cages, and birds. I live near Erie, PA How far are you from me???

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