LF Dual Purpose Hatching Eggs from Higher Elevation

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    I am looking to do a test run on my incubator but no one in my state seems to have hatching eggs for sale. Even the 'farm fresh' egg sellers on Craigslist can't help me! They are struggling just to maintain their regular customers.

    I am looking for an inexpensive dozen or two. Local pickup is strongly preferred but I am willing to pay for shipping as needed.

    As I am in Colorado Springs so eggs from a high elevation are needed to avoid increased hatching issues, over 1,500 ft at least. Eggs from near sea level just don't hatch too well up here if they hatch at all.

    Preference for eggs:
    Sex links
    Pure breeds
    Barnyard mixes

    Breeds also need to be cold hardy. Not all the eggs need to be of the same breed, but if mixed I would like to be able to tell the breeds of chicks apart relatively easily. For example, a mix of black Cochins and black Jersey's would make it harder to sell them since no one could tell if they were getting exactly what they wanted. But bLack Cochins and white rocks would easy peasy.

    I would like to receive the eggs around the 19th of January for a mid February hatch.

    Thanks for looking! Please shoot me a pm if you think you can help me!

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