LF Easter Egger Eggs, BIN 6 or 9+

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    My Easter Eggers are currently my only birds laying, so I'm offering up some for sale. I am in SW Georgia. Shipping is Included in Price.
    Payment by PayPal, money order, or cash(local only).

    6+ $18, or 9+ for $22

    I have a Large Delaware-ish colored EE rooster over several different EE hens, all but one having a beard. All of my EEs lay blue/green/olive eggs. You could get some non-blue/green egg layers, as I don't know the parentage of my current rooster. I do have a few hens that are half brown or white egg layers, so they lay varying shades of blue/green/olive. The rooster is barred, so you can get some barred or partially barred chicks, I'm hoping to hatch out a few myself before he gets replaced with a purebred Splash Amer rooster in my grow out pen.

    I ship Mon-Wed, and Saturday, unless there are days when the PO will be closed. I individually wrap each egg and then surround them in bubble wrap/newspaper. I rarely get replies with broken eggs, and most people report back with good/great hatch rates. I will include some extras if I have them, possibly of a different breed. I have no control over what the PO does with the eggs between me and you, but I try to help them survive as best I can.

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