LF or Bantam ?


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
How much smaller is a bantams egg ?

If you have space why would you buy Bantams ?

Besides size is there any other differences the birds ?

Wyandotte Bantams seem more common over here.
Seems i could get what i want in Bantam but what would i be missing out on ?

Cheers Reg in UK
I'm not a big fan of bantams, but I do have a trio of bantam Brahmas. I think their eggs are about half the size of large eggs from my Langshans or Australorps, for example. My egg customers don't like small eggs so I have to keep them out of the cartons I sell.

Bantams are an acquired taste, in my opinion, for their size, looks, and personality (and that many are good broodies).

I personally go for a dual purpose bird that is both a good layer and can be used as meat when necessary. I love heritage large fowl for this reason. A large fowl Wyandotte that is bred for both qualities can be a great breed to have on any homeplace.
Bantam eggs are about half the size. You can keep more bantams, though, and the biggest plus in my opinion for bantams is that they're adorable and tend to be very friendly as well.
Not everyone keeps chickens for utility purposes, so to me I don't care if I get smaller eggs because I like the bantams more. I already get more eggs than I can ever use anyway, and I keep the chickens because I enjoy them and not because I want eggs. That said, my bantams are pretty good layers.
I haven't always kept bantams. But now I have a lot of them.

Their smaller size and lower food consumption rates are a good reason to have them. Your feed goes a lot further with bantams which means you can keep more for the same $$$

In a smaller coop you can have a larger number of bantams than large fowl.

I am very surprised by the size of eggs these chickens lay, considering the size of the chicken, the eggs are pretty big.

I am very much taken with Wyandotte bantams. They have quickly become my favorite breed/type of chicken and I have had many breeds over the last 25 years.

C'mon Reg! You know you want them.
They are my favorite. Mine are all bantams and I have plenty of space for larger birds. My bantam Brahmas are my favorite and lay a medium brown egg. They eat so much less and lay a usable egg. They are so friendly and I would never have a large bird with a large appetite. A perfect package with an amazing personality.

Something else for you to think about. Good Luck Reg!!
i have a mixed flock and I love them all, but my bantam Cohin is very affectionate and funny. She is best friends with my LF BLRW and together they are a riot.
1/3 larger then some of my banty eggs

So in essence..banty eggs are all different sizes to me..depending on the banty breed, and its very obvious to me that the Lf effs are all different in size too..

I want a mixed flock. I want tiny tiny..and then big big...
I love variety in life..this is why I choose both
This was my Bantam Leghorn's first egg. There seems to be a higher yolk to white ratio in banty eggs. She also is top of the pecking order to my RIR and my BA, which is funny to see. Chiclet is so much fun to watch, beeps and sounds like a squeaky toy, but screeches when she doesn't get her way....spoiled girl.


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