LF (standard) Polish chicks for sale in Michigan- Tolbunt, Gold Lace, WC Black, Black & Splash


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Nashville, MI
I have several extra STRAIGHT RUN 4 week old polish chicks hatched from my pens available!! I try to just hang onto a handful of each color from each hatch out of my own pens (bought stock are NFS- I grow everyone up from those)

I prefer local pick up, I don't have any boxes currently- you can send me a box to ship your chicks in if you really want some shipped.

I have

WC Black
Self Black
Gold Lace (50/50 chance of being split to tolbunt)

I have 2 WC black, 2 self black & 3 gold lace left- those are all $5 each. The ones left are all pet/poss brood quality. the WC have some color mixed into their crest and the self blacks have a little white in their crests. The gold lace came from my tolbunt split pen and may end up with stray white feathers and/or incorrect lacing as they mature.

the Tolbunt chicks are pending right now

(tolbunts are from a pen of birds either from OR bred from birds out of: Green Acre, Parker, Dancing Hen (strong Bare line) wih one Swartz roo in the mix- many of our breeder and/or chicks are out of gold lace splits to widen the limited bloodlines of the tolbunts in this country)

Please PM me for current availability and prices- prices start at $5 per chick and do go up- tolbunts are priced higher than the other chicks.

Only the chicks are for sale- however- did include some pics of adults from the breeder pens to show the parents (chick's pics are of either them a week ago (green background)- or some from past batches just to show colors) .
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