LG as a hatcher?


11 Years
Jul 15, 2008
Saint Johns, AZ
I was wondering if anyone has used an LG still air as a hatcher and what kind of experience they had? I am using a Genesis right now and just saw an LG at my feed store. I was thinking I could use the Genesis for incubating, the LG for hatching and so be able to rotate eggs, get lots more chicks.....yeah, I'm definitly addicted!
I have for years.
It works very well. The reason (IMO) they have so many issues is because they cannot get back to the right temp & spike & stuff. So when using it as a hatcher, the top is not opened and the temps are not fiddled with. I actually incubated & hatched my two sebbies in a still-air LG. GASP!
Did you have to add any extra sponges to get your humidity up? I've read that sometimes that's the case with LG's. It is very dry here in Arid-Zona!
Yes, I filled the trays & then used a clean, dampened & wrung out sponge. I had no problems getting it to 85% but then it spiked to 97%. The goslings were already out by that time, so I had my hubby just pull the red plugs out. I did have one temp spike to 104 but the eggs hatched anyway.

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