LG or GQF for incubation?

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    You can get them with electronic thermostats. My friend Lynn hatched eggs I sent her with one and she loved it.
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    Apr 6, 2007
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    It's become a nasty debate.

    [​IMG] (just kidding)

    After purchasing three complete LGs I realize how stupid it was. Not because
    of the LG quality, I'm happy for that, but because I could have bought a used
    sportsman for what I paid for 3 LGs. Hindsight is 20/20.

    Also considering both the LG and GQF packages are in the $150 range + you need
    a good thermometer/hydrometer for another $25 you should consider a Brinsea
    Octagon for a couple dollars more.

    And ONCE AGAIN whatever styrofoam cooler you buy call eggcartons.com. They
    have them all and they support our site. Double R does not!!!
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    Jan 11, 2007
    Ok, I've tried a whole bunch of hatching machines and think I have found my favorite..of course, there are more brand names on the market..so may have to keep testing others as well.

    LG Still air - garbage in my opinion - we added a fan and it worked much better, but I still dumped it. Spend the extra money on a fan..trust me or you'll cook your babies. These units are not reliable without a fan and give huge temp fluctuations...the adjustment knob is very touchy. Cheap is not better.

    GQF circulated air Hovabator with auto-turner (wafer thermostat) - loved it..so much I bought another. These were previously my best hatchers..till I needed more space.

    GQF circulated Hovabator with auto-turner (electronic thermostat) - like it..still figuring it out I think. I think it is too hot or too cold..temp never seems just right. Still get decent hatches, but I've had better and am a little frustrated by these units.

    GQF Sportsman (with autoturner and hatching tray) - LOVE IT..so much I sold my 2 older GQF styro bators. It works great and we get our best gamebird hatches out of this bator. Hold temp and humidity steady..easy to use, minimal fuss. This really is a "set it and forget it" bator.

    Homemade hatcher (with forced fan air and wafer thermostat + backup wafer) - Love it..holds steady temp and humidity and basically all of my hatches are taking place in this unit now.

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    Gotta agree with Jody-love our homemade Fridge-a-Bator! Rock-steady temps and humidity and last hatch was 100%. Have had good and fair hatches in the Hovabator and still think for the money, it's pretty okay.
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    I wish I could afford a Sportsman, but I'm afraid it'll always be out of my budget!!
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    Oct 24, 2007
    I found my sportsman on craigslist man wanted $400 for it but when I showed up I asked if hed take $350 he said yes, I should of weesled him lower though or atleast tried!

    Later I looked on there and someone else was selling one for $250! darn Lol

    If you keep looking youll find one [​IMG]

    I think I need another.... [​IMG]

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