LG still air as a hatcher????


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May 15, 2009
Lake Charles, LA
I posted another thread a little bit ago about a staggered hatch. TSC has the LG still air for $41 if I decided to go ahead with trying to do the staggered hatch. DH can add a fan for me. I've seen various posts where people didn't care so much for the LG as an incubator, but what about as a hatcher? I'll have a staggered hatch of 16 silkie eggs. Thanks, Shannon
I can tell you I just used an LG with an added computer fan for my first incubate/hatch. I hatched 32 eggs out of 36. I am very happy with my LG as either incubator and or hatcher. Put a couple books on the lid to be sure it seals good on the base and good luck!
I use mine as a hatcher only, although it has a fan. Read on another post that hatching without a fan is a good thing since the hatched chicks don't really need a fan blowing on them. I don't know if I have a defective LG but it was my first and had really poor hatches. I realized that even with the fan one side was off in temp compared to the other by 3*. The whole element was working just fine. When I hatch in it I only place the eggs on one side that I have at 99* since the other side will be 96*. Can't figure it out. You'd think the fan would circulate things better especially in such a small space. Also, when the air is really dry outside I need to add sponges for more humidity since it only has a few troughs for water. It's plenty in the wet winter though. The temp adjustment is also really touchy. I've read people like their LG's but mine really sucks. I love my hovabators.
we have LG and Hovabators....and love them...we have 92% + hatch rate....i will not go to the forced air unless i build my own....which i have this wonderful cabinet...wonder if DH would miss it...ha ha ha...just kidding...
We did the staggered hatch. Used the hovabator genesis until lockdown for orpingtons they were put in the little giant from tractor supply. No fan. Worked great. Had a hard time with regulating humidity at first but after that it was fine. Got 8 little babies that hatched yesterday!
Thanks for all your replys guys. There's another thread on here with the exact same question...oops!!
I set 8 silkie eggs this morning and should be setting another set this weekend. This will be my 1st time doing a staggered hatch. I'm gonna go to TSC tomorrow and get the LG and have DH install a fan on it
This is exactly what I do, too. The 1588 til day 18 then over to the LG for hatching. That way I can stagger hatches and get better results.
The only problem I have in hatching in a lg is the height, ducks and standard size chickens can reach the heating elements and get burned. At some point I am going to make a 1 inch spacer to raise the top to help, but this will make it harder to heat.

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