LGD and Chickens??


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Jul 30, 2009
Does anyone here have a LGD that they use to protect their chickens? A few weeks back my neighbor lost I think 15 or 16 chickens. That day I only lost 2 but I have lost alot to a fox before then. I saw what I thought was a fox today, but I don't think it was. It was bigger than a fox and it was white/silver. I was then thinking coyote? Anyways, I found a Marama mix pup, she is only 4 weeks right now so it would be a few more before I could get her, but I am seriously considering this. I have put so much into my babies and I can't keep losing them
The only reason I am considering this is because she will be a puppy and I can train her to be with the chickens from puppyhood. I just want to hear experiences good/bad about having a LGD with your chickens.

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Aug 15, 2007
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Well in my experience with my LGD it's been well worth it. I have a Great Pry. named Koda who's very willing to learn and has kept the Coyotes, Raccoon's, Foxes and Hawks far away from my coop and our property. She is very good with the chickens and loves to watch them. The first time she put a paw on top of Peep (one of my EE hens) she wiggled out from under her paw and attacked Koda. My RIR rooster Rusty joined in the attack and I had to grab both chickens 'cause she was just cowering down, whimpering and submiting to her attackers. Koda didn't even try to put her paw on any of the chickens after that. She just watches them and gently herds them back in the coop when I want to put them back up in the coop.

So in my opinion the Marama mix pup sounds good but it might be better to find one that is ready to leave it's momma so you can start training it right away.

Good luck.

Oh and Smith and Weston are a farmers best friend.
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I have had several dogs who would guard my chickens. any breed will work if you teach them. some are better than others. my Pyranese is the best right now but in the past, Border Collie, Pit Bull, German Shepard, Doberman, Rat Terrier... all were good.


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I think you would be best to go with an actual LGD breed, as that is what they were bred to do for thousands of years. Other dogs might do it, depending on their personality, or you might have a blood bath.

The breeder I got my Maremma from was wonderful, and is always open to emails or phone calls if I need help or guidance. You can buy young pups, exposed pups (5 months and exposed to the stock of your choice, taught basic manners, neutered, etc), started dogs (1 year old, work extensively with livestock of your choice, considered safe with everything but newborns) or finished dogs (2 years old, been through kidding/lambing season). She also does reshaping on dogs that need additional training or reshaping of bad behaviors. She understands these dogs behaviors like not many people do. I would highly recommend her!

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