Lice: .1% Pyrethrin and 1% Piperonyl Butoxide powder?

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    I recently acquired an OEGB rooster, and he's been in quarantine. He was not kept in good condition at his previous home, and had nails in dire need of trimming, plus he was very dirty, so he got a thorough bath. All the same, we discovered today that he has a terrible infestation of lice. Since we have cats, I'd like to avoid permethrin, and I already have a .1% pyrethrin and 1% piperonyl butoxide powder (Sergeant's brand) that we used on the cats when they had fleas. I know pyrethrin is fine for chickens, but what about the piperonyl? It's a cause for concern for pregnant women, but nobody in my house is or might be pregnant any time soon, so that's not an issue. I'm concerned only for the health of our poor new roo.
  2. If he is in that poor of health I would want to worm him also. Ivermectin pour on will take care of everything at once. But the Piperonyl Butoxide should not be a problem. It acts as a synergist to increas the effectiveness of the Pyrethrin. This allows the manufacturer to decrease the amount of pyrethrin.

    Dosage for Ivermectin pour on is on my BYC page

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