Lice again and Worry Free?


7 Years
Mar 25, 2016
Hi There,

I have lice on my hens. There is so much advice and responses that seem like friendly advice. I hate to start yet another thread on same topic but I really hope for advice that is more tried and true then just an assumption. I certainly don't wish to kill the hens, but I really don't want them to suffer from the lice. I can live with a withholding period. I would rather not pay a hundred plus dollars but I do want something that works and is safe. I covered their heads with cloth to keep dust out and then put DE on them. Seemed to make a huge difference but didn't last.

I went to Walmart and a few other local stores and tried to buy Sevin but can't find it anywhere. Is it no longer available? In it's place is something called "Worry Free". Does anyone know anything about this product and will it work like Sevin?

I bought the Manna Pro Poultry Protector but thought it couldn't be sprayed on the birds so I cleaned and sprayed their coop. Not sure it did much. Maybe I was supposed to spray the birds?

In any case, I want an effective solution. Not the most expensive, necessarily. Unless only the $142 bottle of Elector PSP is the best or only real solution. I would buy it if that's what I need. But I only have 9 chickens and it seems excessive.

Thanks in advance for your home-tested advice!
Ok, this is what I've read on threads....Dust bath = wood ash, DE = preventative
Sevin/Carbaryl from what I've read has been discontinued? I'm sure I saw at Home Depot in the garden section Sevin 5% is what I used to dust my chickens, nest box and their coop.
Now I use DE (food grade) in a shaker, sprinkling their vent/butt & under their wings every 2wks or once a month. I sprinkle the nest box, their Run/Coop (living in Hawaii they have an open air Coop/Run) once since they moved in there. Their dust bath (dirt & DE) I sprinkle once a month. My brother's experimenting mixing with water in a spray pump (alot of shaking as you go) for plants/trees (the Big Island is infested with Fire Ants).
Also read Permethrin works on mites/lice. It's never ending prevention, so if DE worked once it's a matter of setting up a routine of dusting them, their nest box & coop. I make sure I get some in every crack I can. Years ago I had a nasty infestation that was coming into the house, went all out with Malathion & learned I need to do a routine of prevention. Good luck, I know them things are nasty.

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