Lice Problems....Need Help!!!

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    I have somewhat of an emergency on my hands...

    One of my cockerels (a hatchery stock White Jersey Giant) has developed a bad case of what looks like feather lice. They are all over his wings, especially. I noticed it today when I picked him up. None of our other chickens have these little creatures on their feathers, so I'm not sure how they suddenly showed up on this cockerel. I think it's because he doesn't do a whole lot of dusting or preening. His feathers are kind of in bad shape and he is one of our ugliest chickens in that respect. Our other chickens are very dust and preening savvy and look a good deal more tidy than he does.

    I want to know a couple important things:

    1. Are feather lice able to be transmitted to humans?
    2. How do I isolate this cockerel from my other chickens?
    3. How do I eliminate these lice without paying a fortune?

    Thanks for your help...we have a lot of chickens and I would hate to experience a lice-attack, so please provide as much info and suggestions as possible! [​IMG]

    God Bless,
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    I've dealt with feather lice. Sevin dust from any home improvement store, about $4.97 (Lowe's) for the 1 pound canister will take care them pronto. Be sure to redust him again in 10 days to kill nits hatched from eggs. Inspect the rest of your chickens as well and dust accordingly. Dust the inside of your coop and nests, redust again in 10 days. Chicken lice might crawl on you, but that's all they do to humans, nothing more.
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