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    Feb 15, 2012
    HI! I have three chickens and they are indoor kept. My two girls live in one cage and my boy in another I completely empty the cage twice a week and scoop it out the other days. Today one of my girls jumped on my roos cage and pooped on him, so I gave him a bath and noticed little tan eggs around his eyes and ears. I pushed the feathers back and saw teeny tiny creepy crawlies on him so I am assuming it is lice. I put DE in their bedding, and then dusted him with poultry dust and I also sprayed some poultry protector on him and his bedding. I did the girls as well as they didnt seem to have anything on them. My questions are, can the lice transmit to me or my son as well as other pets? Also, how long does it take to get rid of them? Lastly, what could have caused it? Thanks!
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    Poultry lice is host specific, so they won't transfer to non-poultry hosts.

    If you've had the birds since chicks, or hatched them yourself, I don't know where the lice might have come from. If you got them from somewhere else, they probably brought the lice with them.

    Someone else will have to answer your questions with regard to treatment...

    Good luck!
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