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    When cleaning a poopy butt, i noticed lice on her. Will dusting with DE kill them? Or what is the best way to get rid of them? My flock is 13 hens and egg laying has diminished last several weeks so I'm worried my whole flock has them. I sprinkled DE in the nesting boxes and on the roost. [​IMG]
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    What I do when my birds have lice is I use dusting powder. You can usually buy it at a feed store. You sprinkle it on the bird and it kills the lice. But it doesn't affect the eggs so if you find some feathers with little white dots in a clump by the base of a feather you might want to pull those feathers out or pick the eggs off. Good luck!
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    Believe it our not blue dawn dishsoap kills them . Dont dillute it rub it all over your chicken wait a few minutes then rinse . It kills eggs n lice. Besides what chicken don't need a bath lol.
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