Life Threatning problem for Buff Orphanton

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    Recently, I posted this problem in the regular forum. However, I still have no answer for this life threatening problem. Click on the link to that post for photos & prior info:

    I have read all the articles I could on this subject, but have found no situation just like this one.

    This chicken has been given the best of care, with the best of feed (Nutrena Naturewise Feather Fixer.) She has plenty of space & has never been sick, so things like Infectious diseases seems to be out as a cause. My other 6 hens have no laying problems at all. When not egg bound, she appears very healthy and energetic. About 10 days ago, she was severely stopped up to the point that she could not poop at all. We took her to a regular Vet., who was able to remedy a short term problem, but no long term situation. X- rays revealed that she had a broken egg inside her. X rays also showed that she had plenty of oyster shell in her system, so that shouldn't be the problem. Since the Vet visit, she has laid 1 egg, with some deformity, and 2 rubber eggs in the poop box. We had another episode to where she became severely stopped up to the point she could not poop & we were able to get her unclogged with the warm soak method.

    What is different about this problem is that, for 4 months this chicken laid nothing but great eggs, & then started laying misshapen & soft shell eggs.

    I suspect her shell gland somehow has become defective, but it seems unlikely to me that she would just all of a sudden start laying bad eggs, with no apparent sickness.

    I would greatly appreciate any ideas that would help resolve this problem.
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    You are way ahead of me or should be because I have never taken a chicken to the Vet. Maybe you could talk to your Vet about this----he might give you some info---or what to do and you might could pass that info on to us in case we have the same problem in the future. Good Luck and hope it gets straighten out.
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    I'm sorry you are having trouble.

    Xray revealed she had a broken egg inside her - was this in the abdominal cavity? If so she most likely has Egg Yolk Peritonitis or similar internal laying/reproductive disorder (Salpingitis, Ascites, etc.). This will eventually cause infection to where the cavity is full of yolks, egg masses or exude (pus) that can make it hard to lay eggs or poop. Antibiotics can help short term if the condition is caught very early.

    Chickens are very good at hiding illness, they will continue to try to be "normal" until they just can't go on. Her egg laying difficulties would indicate that she has something internal going on - as you have found out from your vet.

    As suggested, since you have a relationship with your vet, you may want to consult them further about treatment options.

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