light and egg production?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by micayc, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Jul 31, 2010
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    Do peahens need the same amount of light per day as chickens to produce eggs? My girl layed 3 then quit .They do not get alot of sunlight where they are till their permanent pen is done.

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    I just think it is a crazy year for eggs here in Central PA, My one pen (BS) has been laying since April, another pen (Purples) I got about 8 eggs out of 2 hens they stopped, another pen (Pied)just started the first of June, 4 hens and maybe 15 eggs and I got my first egg from my pen of Opals last night June 24th and I alway set my last egg in incubator around the 4th of July and let the rest and see if any hens decide to set. It has been that way for me the last couple years I tried different feeds had feed store get me Super Breeder from Southern States feed which is for peacocks and game birds, this year I stoped feeding them scratch grains but that was only a few weeks ago will be trying that earlier next spring.
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    Be careful if you add light to get them can mess up the whole breeding season. Peafowl breed in the spring ,yes the daylight getting longer triggers the season, .......but with peacocks it will at summer triggers them to drop their train, which then they are not fertile. So alot more to worry about then just getting peahens to lay.

    Seen people use lights and have their peacock dropping their train right before breeding season.

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