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Dec 22, 2007
hi all- so we got some new chicks this spring and we just found out that one of our standard brahamas is a rooster. so I was wondering if anyone new what kind of personality these roosters tend to have, as we do not want an agressive rooster (been there done that), but he's so pretty!
I recently lost my Light Brahma rooster and he was a sweetheart, you couldn't ask for a better personality rooster wise!...
thanks for the info and my mom has another question. Will they protect their flock from predators?
They will do their very best to. My two roosters, one's a light brahma, the other is a dark, take turns keeping an eye out for predators. One romances the ladies while they other works guard duty. Unfortunately for poor Thor (my dark) he gets stuck on guard duty alot. Zeus (the light) is just too much of a ladie's man.
No rooster can protect 100% against predators... Alert the hens to danger and to take cover yes, but they can't stand up to anything large without them getting hurt or worse.......
Brahma roosters are GREAT
They are pretty laid back!!!
Will defend the flock as much as the next roo!
They mature a little later than some breeds!

I have tried other breeds for Roos EE, Rocks, Lorps & today my last BO is getting processed today!

they seem wind up going after the kids -

but, not the Brahmas all of mine have been great some were so layed back they didn't even crow


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