Light Brahma Chicks

Hatchery stock will not be as large as stock from a private breeder, but hatchery stock will still be bigger than other breeds. The hens weigh in at around 7-8 pounds while the roosters are known to weigh 12+ pounds (although it’s very rare as they aren’t as big as they used to be).
Ok thank you:)
Light Brahmas were some of the first chicks I ever had. They were bigger than the others, but most all of mine were heavier breeds. They were, for lack of a better term, "beefier" than the others. They also had the biggest personalities, and were absolute loves. You've made a great choice. :)
I own Brahmas my male who is not a year old yet weighs in round 10lbs and is roughly the size of my 2 year old daughter which is 2'5" so they are big. As for keeping a roo they can become protective of their girls when sexually mature so u might want to keep a eye on him cuz I had mine come at me when I took the eggs from the bene boxes and 2' some odd 10lb bird is not everyones ideal thing to be attacked (in my case kicked) by. My girls are roughly 1/2 - 3/4 his size and weight around 6-8 lbs. I don't know about hatchery bred brahmas but I would defo say go to a breeder I did. I have also just hatched out some of my roos babies a combo of pure and crosses and all had to be helped out as they were to big for the eggs.

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