light brahma eggs anyone?


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My new light brahmas are laying pretty well for me and I have 4 eggs that are developing in the incubator. Thought I would see if anyone is interested. Not SQ or anything, just a nice backyard flock bird. I plan to collect over the weekend and ship on Monday. One roo over 4 hens are pretty good odds for fertility - like I said the first 4 I got from them I set on 6/15 and they are already showing veining. I imagine I will get 6+ easily over the weekend. Bubble wrapped and labeled fragile. For some reason I can't access photobucket ( maybe down for maintainance??) right now but here is a link to a thread on BYC I posted about them:
I am getting some Rhode Island Red eggs. I might see if my parents won't to trade for some light Brahma eggs! Would you be interested if they will do so?

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I wanted to be totally honest about these guys - they are not show quality and are just backyard quality; they are pure just not anything to win a prize with most likely. I know alot of people on here have show birds and I don't want to portray mine as being anything but the pet quality or back yard flock birds that they are. I don't want to disappoint anyone. I appreciate the responses and Private Messages i have recieved. If you are still interested - just let me know. I also mark each egg with the date they are laid, and they are stored on my counter pointy end down until they will be sent out. I am able to access Photobucket now and have this picture of my roo and his girls to post. One roo over 4 hens - they are a bit roughed up; he's an active young roo.


and here is the big guy himself

I think your birds are lovely. I have 2 light brahmas. They are about 4 months. From the looks of them they are both hens. I would love to get some eggs from you so I might have a rooster for my girls, but my husband says no more eggs. It's getting too hot to ship eggs to, and from Texas. Maybe I can get some from you next year:fl

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