Light Brahma in distress

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    Mar 25, 2011
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    I just went to check on my peeps b4 I went to bed and noticied my 1 brahma chick was sleeping (all other 28 chicks running around like nuts). I knocked on the brooder right next to where she was laying and she barely even opened her eyes. I picked her up and noticed how small her body felt in comparison to how big her wings and fthers were! Today is the first day she has been like this. She was born on March 29th. I could only get her to drink and few drops of sav-a-chick water and no food. I tried yogurt and her crumbles wet and she won't eat. I have her in a small box with me in the house. I am a complete newbie and don't know what else to try! ANy suggestions?

    Also, she doesn't have pasty butt...she pooped when I brought her up and if I identified it correctly it says it's from being too hot or not eating enough...obviously from not eating enough. [​IMG]
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