Light Brahma rooster x Barred Rock hen - would that make sex-linked chicks?


8 Years
Mar 25, 2015
In order to breed Black Sex-Links, I know you need to cross a non-barred, non-white male over a barred female. Generally, red gene males are used, such as Rhode Island Reds for the classic wheaten look. But, a Light Brahma is neither white or barred, so would it work as a male in this cross? The chicks would look odd, I'm guessing feathered legs, but would they still be sex-linked? I know it all depends on genetics, but I'm thinking about breeding and hatching out some eggs, and I happened to have both breeds, so it made me wonder. Thanks for any feedback.
Brahmas are based on Partridge pattern
Barred Rocks are based on Extended Black pattern

Extended black is the pattern that makes a solid black bird (or Lavender, or white, or Blue, or Chocolate) solid. It's extremely dominant, and will overpower the partridge, resulting in a black bird.The chick down should be black as well, and should show headspots well.

EDT: If the light brahma did not have a black tail and neck markings, but chocolate or Lavender or white, all of which are mutations of black, the chick would be chocolate, or lavender, or white instead of black.

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