Light brahma x buff cochin Questions


13 Years
Aug 10, 2009
if i breed a light brahma rooster to a buff cochin what colours would the ofspring be?
will they be sexlinked?
single comb or pea comb?
i was thinking of putting some of the hens eggs under a broody...
anyway, if anyone has the awnsers please help,

thank you

I believe single comb is recessive, so you'll get a pea comb. Color will probably be something like an incomplete buff columbian (my guess, but you could put it into the color calculator).
As far as sex link, I don't think so.
Good Luck!
If the father is the Light brahma then the pullets will look more or less Silver Columbian so they will look basically like the Light brahmas but buff can sometimes work a bit like Autosomal Red so even though they will be pure silver gened, they may have a bit of buff showing. The roos will be about the same but will be split for silver and Gold genes and will show more Gold coloring.

Pea Comb is incompletely dominant to Single combs so you will get pea combed offspring but they may be longer and a bit floppy ( aka a modified pea comb)

No Sexlinkage with this cross but the reverse cross would make sexlinks.
thank you very much

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