Light Brahmas 2 1/2 week


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
HI, I have 1 rooster & 2 hens. The males feathers are coming in white & black as expected. (first pic) However the girls feathers a quite different. Mostly brown. (2nd pic) Do the girls feathers turn white & black? Or did I get 2 buff girls??

I got 6 light brahma pullets and none of them had any brown feathering. My Buff Brahmas were dark brown/gold color to start and had feathers that were similar to a buff orpington with black mixed in when they feathered out. I don't think the second chick is either of those varieties. Maybe a dark brahma?
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Thanks for the replies. I got them at a&j hatchery in Fayetteville, ny. I thought the dark brahmas had dark backs...these were all yellow chicks when I gor them, no shading...who knows, probably a mixed breed. The were suppode to be all light brahmas, rheir pets, keep them anyways, but was hoping to make baby chicks of my own next year, hense the rooster...
Well I just figured this out I think...They have 5 toes, & the male brahma has 4. I definitely did not get what I was suppose to. So I'm thinking they are Salmon Faverolle or a mix..disappointed I don't have 3 pure bred light brahmas. Now what will I get if they mate later..??
You know, when I saw that picture I was going to say that the color reminded me of my salmon faverolles when they were first feathering out. As long as you aren't interested in showing or selling babies, it really doesn't matter what mix they create for your future layers. It is disappointing, however, that you didn't get what you paid for. I would certainly call the hatchery and complain. Maybe you can get some money back or new chicks?

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