Light Bramas


11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
Yorkshire, Ohio
I am thinking about addidng this breed to my flock. Could all of you who raise them tell if you like/don't like raising them and why. Also, any if there are and good/bad charateristics of the ones you have.

my light brahma is my husband's too even though he's not thrilled with the fact that I bought chickens! I'd love to get more brahmas. They are sweet, docile, friendly and like to be held. Even the roosters!
I have four light brahma hens, as well as dark and buff brahmas. My light girls are sweet, inquisitive, and very calm. Jezebel is noisy, but she's the only one. She walks around talking to herself.
I have 13 hens. Here are my egg totals for last week:
Mon 8, Tues 8, Wed 8, Thur 10, Fri 8, Sat 7, Sun 8.
Our temps. right now are in the 90s during the day and 70s at night; very VERY humid.
I was getting an average closer to 10 a day last winter, but it was my girls first winter.
I love my light brahma hens so much that I ordered 25 more of them this spring.

They are outgoing, friendly, funny, and sweet tempered.

Only downside is, being a big chicken, they eat like pigs - but mine pay their own feed bill, so it's all good
If I could free range the brahmas it would lessen their feed intake, I'm sure.

Mine don't eat any more than my other breeds do??

Brahmas in general are sweet. I love them so much! Mine are hatchery stock and like to go broody....ALOT. The first Light Brahma male I got was a mean sucka. I ate him. He was yummy.

His son on the hand was named Mr. Mom. He lived to be 12 years old and died this last Mother's Day. The day he died, his daughter went broody and hatched out 2 chicks. I had to remove her from the chicks as she wouldn't let me near them without attacking my poor legs...but she's doing fine back out in the pen.

I am on the lookout for some show quality Light and Buff Brahmas....can't get enough of them!
I LOVE my brahmas. I started out with some hatchery birds, and my entire flock got eaten by a predator except for 4 chicks. Well Those chicks are older now and I got 3 hens and a rooster. And I went out and got lucky enough to find, a guy with the BEST looking Brahms I have ever seen. I bought two chicks from him that are still growing right now. I wish I would of bought more, but I didn't expect to be buying anything so I didn't have much cash on me. Sadly that was the only time he will be selling.

I am now looking into breeding Show Quality ones with my new chicks and my own bred chicks. I loved them so much, and they are extrememly rare in my part of the country.

Great chickens, pretty, wonderful mothers, and sweet roosters.

Get some! You won't regret it!
I was sent 6 light brahma warmer chicks 5 turned out to be boys and 1 girl, they are all super friendly, Eat the same as all of the other chickens, are and pretty quiet, except the boys which crow alot, I think that is because there are so many of them that they compete? You can walk right up to anyone of them and pick them up,. I don't know about the egg laying yet as the girl is just 19 weeks now and hasn't started yet, Like I said I didn't order them, however if I had known what sweet hearts they were I would have ordered alot of them. Sandy

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