Light for better laying in winter months

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    Sep 26, 2011
    I apologize if this topic has been covered somewhere, but I searched without finding an answer. I'd like to put a light in the coop for the girls to keep them laying in the winter months and have a couple of questions. I don't have power to the coop and it is not close enough to the house for an extension cord. Will a solar light be enough, and what is the best place and time for it to be on? For example, will it be better to have it inside the coop or shining on the yard like the sun would? Also, is it better to have it come on in the morning or at dusk in the evening? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Lighting with solar can be pricey, in my experience. Check out Northern Tool or Harbor Freight for cheapo stuff. At least you'll get an idea.

    As for when to provide light, pre-dawn is my preference, by far. Have it come on a 5 am and go off, through use of a timer, at 8 am. Three hours additional lighting should be within the grasp of a solar unit.
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    Hi, Have read alot on providing more, supplemental light and not totally sure if I agree with wanting to "falsely encourage" more laying than the girls do naturally with available light. Good reason to get more girls...not enough eggs....get more girls! Just my opinion.
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    Would like to hear more from the experienced folks in this forum regarding this.

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