light for brooder


6 Years
Jun 14, 2013
I have eggs in my incubator that should be hatching Sunday. I need to get a heat lamp and stand for my brooder still. What kind does everyone recommend?
For my brooder I 'cheated' & used a herp lamp w/ a red heat bulb. I have hermit crabs & they didn't need it during the hot summer, so that worked out well.

If you wanted to cut costs you could go to the thrift store & look for a metal-encased lamp (like a brooder lamp), put in a red heat bulb (you can buy these at pet stores) & use that. Just turn it on, put a thermometer under it & see what the temp is after 5 mins. Raise or lower as needed, but not low enough that it could touch a large chick - or it might burn them!

Otherwise, I'd recommend buying a good quality brooder lamp from a livestock store & ALWAYS use red bulbs if possible. It seems to calm chicks & definitely reduces pecking.

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