light in the coop and pullets


11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
Northern Colorado
I have some nice Barred rock and Marans pullets that are about 18 weeks old. They should start laying about any time. I am not worried about egg production necessarily as I am guessing that some 20+ hens will give me plenty of eggs for my personal use this winter. Concerning the pullets will they just not start if it is November when they reach maturity or will they start to lay and just lay fewer eggs and then go like gangbusters in the spring. I am more and more in the mind fram that late summer early fall is the time to start pullets so they can roll in the spring and summer.

Anyone agree?

Aside from light I am not sure I want to do that what can I do to assist with them laying this winter? Does the winter light effect when they molt and how well they lay in the spring?

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