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9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Coleman, Wi
We have been leaving a 100 watt light bulb on in the coop for extra light and some warmth. It's been about 40 degrees all time in there. My question is, will the light, being left on all the time, hurt the egg production? We haven't gotten any more eggs (2 to 3) and I heard a rooster crowing around 2am. I decided to go with a timer hoping that will help.
I do not turn my coop light on unless I'm in there cleaning. I like the hens time to rest and haven't had a big drop off in egg production during the winter. I also do not add heat and it has been in the 20's, the hens down coats are working quite nicely.
I have a 100 watt in my coop, along with a 40 watt green bulb (mostly for Christmas)... my lights go off around 10 pm. It gives them a little heat (very little)... but they seem to like being in the coop in the evenings and having a light on. I sit in my dining room and watch them through their windows... I see them preen themselves, fuss with their feathers, interact with each other, snack, actually it is pretty cool watching their behavior. They know just about when the light is going to go off as they all seem to head for their perches and the Silkies head for the nest box... they are tucked in and ready within 5 minutes of the lights kicking off. Up until then, they are very busy, like a bunch of women hanging together quilting or something. I really enjoy watching them.

I have had a red 150 watt light in my coop on all the time except when it is fairly nice during the day. I haven't had any problems with a decline in laying from my 4 hens. One of them that was taking forever to start laying just started today!!
I have two strands of small single bulb christmas lights on in my coop on a timer. I was getting 2-3 eggs a day out of 34 hens. After putting up the lights it has now jumped to 16-20 eggs/day.
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