Light Sussex


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Russell County
We purchased 24 eggs...
2 hatched out and I cracked the rest to check..

6 were out of the air sac, but got stuck!
I know the temperature was at 106 degrees for approximately 3 days (WHILE WE WERE GONE) So i guess it must haev dehydrate the eggs like the dickens
I should have stayed overnight to make sure the eggs came out alright... *sigh*

I did say I had 2 stuck to the turner
no explodey, but they cracked when I touched them; not stinky... YET!
And a few of them were stinky and another few of them were cooked (they had a cooked smelled, so I guess they got fried during the first 1-3 days)

SO yeah... we have TWO $75 chicks *face plant*
Wow! I've not been brave enough to use our incubator yet.... and that is why. You must post some pics of the wonderful $75.00 beauties!
Hahahahaha, it seems to only do that with shipped eggs LOL
Every egg I've ever had issues with... I believe were shipped LOL
But that's because I worry SOOO much over them, I probably screw up more than I would if I didn't bat an eye at them.
It seems you make more mistakes when you THINK too MUCH! LOL

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