Lighting in the brooder


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
My brooder has a 250w red infared about 40" off the floor at the rear, keeping it about 95 deg.

At the front, I have a 60 watt white bulb keeping it about 85 degrees.

I did this bc I thought they needed the "range". I just read that chicks are attracted to white light. They do primarily sleep nearer to the white light than the red.
They seem fine as they are content and doing all the things they need to do.

Was this a good set-up?? Had a ceramic and it was defective, so I had to use the white light. Getting new ceramic any day (it should be here)

Will they be OK with the change??? They are 5 days old today. 13 of them.

Does this make sense?


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12 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
I'm using the "doing everything they're suppose to be doing" rule of thumb with mine. I can get my brooder up to 95, but I've noticed that at only 3 days old they avoid the lights and the heater completely when it gets to be more than 85 in the brooder.


In the Brooder
11 Years
Feb 7, 2008
I'm new to this, but I decided "doing what they're supposed to do" is the real gauge. I moved my 250w red light from over their brooder to out in the coop to test it for the big move, and now have a 60w white light over their brooder (in my dining room). After MUCH chirping and trilling, they've settled down for the night. I want to go check on them (again), but am worried they'll here me and get stirred up again!

If they seem happy, they probably are!

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