Lil crooked beak chick, worried bout her..

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    My lil crooked beak easter egger, Fandango, used to be soooo perky. But now I think she is just not getting enuff food or protein.
    Another problem (actually I think this is the main problem) is that when she drinks (and she is constantly thirsty since her beak is open all the time), she has to put her head back ALL the way, and so half of it runs down her throat and belly, so the poor lil thang is wet all the time. All she does now is run to the food bowl, eat, then runs to the water bowl, then runs over to the space heater I have going for her to huddle by it til she dries, then repeats the cycle all over. She refuses any treats and anything different other than her food, but cries like mad when the others get treats. The only treat I ever got her to eat was a one very tiny earthworm and she was sooooo thrilled with it, it was pitiable. She is so small I am afraid of gapes, but I might just have to go dig a few up to get some food in her at this rate.
    I have only been able to add a bit of dried rice (she refused warm or cooked) to her food. I MIGHT be able to sneak some boiled egg in there, would this be a good idea?
    She has grown perhaps 1/2 ounce in the last week, and the others her age are now three times her size... [​IMG]
    Should I add pedialyte? Sugar water? And would having her drink from one of those hamster style bottles be better, or would that just dribble all over her too, I am thinking it would just pour on her since she would have to poke it with her top beak and same prob would ensue. She is still pretty strong, but losing ground and momma is at a loss here. I have steeled myself to eventually losing her, but am gonna try everything I can to keep her goin. If it takes digging tiny earthworms so small I need my reading glasses to see them, well by dangie I guess I could do it....[​IMG]
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    Jan 11, 2007
    please do not offer your bird earthworms as the earthworms do indeed carry the risk of gapeworm...offer some little mealworms that you can purchase at a bait or petstore and if they seem a bit big you can cut them in half (you can also drench them in poultry vitamins) or if you can get it some Universal Softbillbill feed (can get at a specialist petstore for non-seed eating is insect based and fortified) sounds to me like you might have to help your little birdie out here with some different ideas to get her nutrition up...have you tried making a wet mash of her feed and placing the feeder at a level a bit higher? I would also suggest you offer something with a high water content like water meloen and yhogurt (with feed sprinkled though be warned the yogurt will make a mess but she will probably like it)...some will stick and help her not become dehydrated and it wont soak her as the water does...make a hole in the watermelon (a "bowl" )and fill up with the mash or feed in it (feed will automatically soak up the wetness from the melon all helping her get the fluids she needs to prevent dehydration) Finally if at all possible get some handfeeding formula for baby parrots and mix that in with her wet feed...the concentrated nutritional content will help it.
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    Thanks so much for the ideas. I had tried a warm water/mix with feed before and it was a no go.

    Well, your watermelon idea got me to thinking, I mixed some canteloupe juice from one we had cut yesterday with her feed, and she was uncertain, but once the other chicks thought she was getting something they were not, she decided it was ok, then she LOVED it.

    She seems MUCH stronger this evening. I tried the yogurt thing, its was a no go. I swear this chick is soooo picky. The cantaloupe juice mix is the only thing so far I have found.

    Thanks so much for your ideas, I will keep trying stuff.
    Also, she is sure not looking like any chicken I have ever seen, she looks a whole lot like a guinea. Hmmmmmm. She was supposed to be an americauna.
    Can a guinea mix with an americauna? I will have to post recent pics when I get my cd copied and ask you all. Thanks bunches.
  4. silkiechicken

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    As for water, you can try to train her to drink out of a hamster bottle. All my young birds drink from bottles. they don't have to drip water everywhere and it may be useful in your chick's case.

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